Hi my name is Xednyc, I'm very new to C++ since this is my first year in college, I am taking an IT course. I am currently out of ideas on what program to make, anyone could suggest an interactive, fun, yet not so simple program for a newbie like me? Thank you in advance :)

Depends what you mean by interactive!

Technically an accounting program is interactive, but often that's not what people mean :)

But a simple yet fun project...How about creating a multiplayer (keyboard sharing) game of Battleship?

The rules are simple, it's sufficiently easy to design and implement, yet complex enough to stretch some of your initial skill set. I also presents room for modification later as your skills improve (such as networked multiplayer or increased number of players etc)

Thank you kind sir for the help, also sorry for not justifying the word "Interactive" my mistake :)

hmmmmm a game of Batlleship.. interesting, to be honest I haven't played a game of Battleship yet in my entire life so this game is kinda new for me, I'll need some researching to do wish me luck! :)

Have you checked this thread? You can find a lot of problems to solve, and some of them are quite interresting.
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