Earlier I raised a question in this forum regarding the sorting of database
and Reverend Jim answered me as follows. It was Ok

SELECT * FROM mytable ORDER BY fieldname

But then I faced another problem As I mentioned in that I wanted to sort ORDER by 'Tdate' which is a field in my table. It is the transaction date.Worked well, sorted datewise.But the problem is when there are many transactions in the same date,they are not sorted transaction wise,ie.first transaction First,last transaction at the bottom(though Datewise it is perfect).This will affect the calculation.The last transaction is depending on the values of trnsactions just before. In my case when I applied the above code the transactions of the same date appear shuffled therby affecting the calculations
eg:when a Bank Statement is displayed the records should be displayed trnsactionwise, then only the balance will be correct.

I expect my problem is clear....Is there any way out?

You want this?

SELECT * FROM mytable ORDER BY TDate, transactionid
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