I'm currently using Microsoft Visual Studio express 2013 for Windows Desktop. I have a program that I created and want to share it with friends, but I'm trying to locate the .exe file. (It's a terminal program that gives a quiz). How can I find the executable file. Or do I have to create one, if so then how?

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I use VS 2013 Pro and I can find my exes in a folder called {projectfolder}\bin\debug if all you are doing is testing as you run, or could be in release instead of debug if you are creating a release of the app. Hopefully it runs for them, may need other things installed if you are using controls that are not built into VS. Just an FYI. You can right click the project in VS and open in explorer, should get you close to the executable.

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Helped a bunch thanks

How can I find the executable file

You could just use File Explorer, enter the program name in the search bar, and let File Explorer find it for you.

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