i just want to enter the world of programming but i didn't know from what i'm starting i took a short look in C also C++ and Java,i just want to get into this nice world

That's great news that is :)

people in the society think that being a programmer is wasting time but they dont know how the digital life looks like.i have got the interest to be one and show them how important it is to be one.

the life people live today, is a choise of yuor own desitiny, one looks a head and has the interest. i have decided to live the life of this community

I've been making a good living in this domain for over 30 years, and have had the opportunity to do some important work, such as work on the US Navy's RAMP project, contribute to the manufacturing systems for the F111 stealth fighter avionics, design and help build the manufacturing systems that makes most chips, disc drives, and flat panel displays in use today. Now, I deal with performance engineering for cell phone web browsers that support more than 100 million people all over the world. How many people can say that their work materially affects 100 million people directly? :-)