final PerspectiveCamera camera = new PerspectiveCamera(true);
The constructor PerspectiveCamera(boolean) is undefined.
Clearly says that it can accept a boolean for "verticalFieldOfView"

Why is Java giving me this error?

Java Version 7 Update 51.
JFX Library added from "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_51\jre\lib\jfxrt.jar"
Am I missing a Jar?

You are looking at docs for JDK/JavaFX version 8, but using a version 7 implementation. There are many changes and enhancements in 8.
You can download a "developer preview" of JDK 8 (includes JavaFX 8) from the Oracle web site. We're only a month a way from full release of Java 8 and I've found the preview to be solid and totally useful for some months now. If you use NetBeans you may also want to download the NetBeans 8 Beta.

Thanks for the reply, will mark as solved as soon as I test it.

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