Okay, so I have a ListView populated by an Array, which is populated by a text file. I also have 3 TextBoxes which are changed to different values in multiple Arrays using the Selected Index. My problem occurs when reloading the ListView after saving the text file. The values from the TextBoxes are used in the text file.
What happens is, the index is being changed since the ListView is being cleared, which fires the changed method. Since the ListView is empty now, the Selected Index is -1 which is why I get an Array Index Out Of Bounds Exception shown below.

Index Changed Listener

            .addListener(new ChangeListener<String>()
                    public void changed(
                            ObservableValue<? extends String> observable,
                            String oldValue, String newValue)

                                    .toString(IDs[SceneController.bugList //ARRAY OUT OF BOUNDS -1


private static void loadList() throws IOException
        SceneController.bugList.setItems((ObservableList<String>) clearList);
        currentID = 0;
        InputStream reader = BugTracker.class
        br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(reader));

        String str;
        while ((str = br.readLine()) != null)
            String[] strArr = new String[3];
            strArr = str.split(", ");

            IDs[currentID] = Integer.parseInt(strArr[0]);
            descriptions[currentID] = strArr[2];


        SceneController.bugList.setItems((ObservableList<String>) names);

I have attempted to fix this using a boolean to check if the list was being loaded and only fire the stuff in the changed method while it wasn't loading, but that just caused the program to hang when I tried changing index's.

Any possible solutions I could try to solve this issue?

Simply test for a -1 selected index before trying to use it!

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