I have problem with jinitiator. I am using Oracle ERP forms which runs on Jinitiator.When I access some other java applet application at the same time it runs in the JRE in and works fine. When I pass the same java applet application in ERP through a link , I am not able access both at the same time, if I open that link through Oracle forms it crashes whole ERP and restart it. Kindly help me.
Thanks in advance..

I do know that jInitiator is extremely picky about what JVMs it works on. It's quite likely you need to seek your problem in that area, incompatible JVM versions.
Your best place for support would be Oracle themselves, if you've the licenses to use that stuff you're going to have a support contract with them as well :)

Dear jwenting,
Thanks for the reply . I have reported to oracle.They will help me .
I just having an interest to learn about jinitiator ,Wherether the applications lunches from oracle runs in jinitiator JVM.

This is from WikiPedia...

In 2007 Oracle announced, that for the upcoming release of Forms version 11, Jinitiator would no longer be needed and that users should migrate to the Sun Java plug-in. In January 2010, a product obsolescence desupport notice was posted saying that JInitiator would no longer be supported and that all users should upgrade. Since version of Forms in 2010, Oracle began working closely with Sun to phase out Jinitiator to completely phase it out.

... and a quick scan of Oracle's web site and blogs confirms this information.

It seems to me that any effort you put into learning about jInitiator will be a complete waste of your time.

Thanks for your reply JamesCherrill.

indeed, there's only 1 reason to still need jinitiator, and that a poor one, which is if you're still needing to support it because an organisation refuses to keep its IT infrastructure more up to date than what was current about 5 years ago.