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I have an application thats has been coded in C#. After build it generates a standalone dll file and the exe file.

I want to use this code in Matlab. I found out from this page that I can load the C# classes or codes into Matlab.

 dll_in_matlab = NET.addAssembly('location to the dll file)

I have the code and the application buty unfortunately I do not understand C# at all. So after using this command I was able to see a .NET object in my workspace and this is what I got for its properties and its classes:

evmaps = 

  NET.Assembly handle
  Package: NET

Properties for class NET.Assembly:


>> evmaps.Classes

ans = 


This is the application it produces: https://app.box.com/s/4eg2swrzbwyai8seq1vf and here is the virustotal result for my application just to ensure that its clean. https://www.virustotal.com/uk/file/66f3e4a3011b46e16ee64e5d735c6b1b40a043d235de67f4175076c690cdb43f/analysis/1392635223/

I don't think I'm allowed to upload the code here as it does not belong to me. But here is a screenshot of the project folder is that helps, let me know if this is not enough and ill upload anything that is needed.


Since I do not know C# at all can anyone please help me get the result produced by this code in C# in Matlab?

Thank you

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