I wanna ask is it possible to to us vb for building a program's GUI and c++ for its coding?

Why don't you have a look at something like QT. It would be a whole lot easier. But yes you could do this anyway.


Hey when i understood what is QT i really was dying of joy but when i understood it is 108MB i really got shocked.you know my internet is 50.6 Kbps and the fastest internet i can access is 128Kbps and I'm not allowed to download more than 20MB.And I must tell that i almost am hopeless to find it in shops.
thank you

commented: 56k.... you need something to brighten your day. +10

Why not use Microsoft Visual C++?

Yes, using VB for the front end and C++ to make dll's that do some of the processing is quite possible.

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