I am very new to programming and I am unsure of how to start coding in c++. I need to create a currency conversion program. I need the code. I do have VS but have no idea of how to start the process of the coding.

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Do some reading on how to program in C/C++, work out the algorithms (processes) to do currency conversions from any currency to any other, and write them down in plain language over and over until you are certain you have the processes correct. Then, start writing code that reflects those processes. When you have some code, we can critique it and help you with your errors.

I have the pseudocode. I am wondering do all programs coded in C++ start with #include <iostream>?

Nevermind I do not need help afterall.. Thanks :)

Ok, but yes, most start with including iostream because it has the basic stuff for output to console, input from the terminal, etc.

Thank you! :)

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