jpunkins 0 Newbie Poster


I have a silly blog that uses images emailed to me which I'm not frequently updating because the manual method is cumbersome. I'd like to create a program or script or something that will allow me to search my inbox for messages from a particular account or with a particular subject then extract the image to a folder on my computer but I'm not entirely sure where to start.

Can anyone give me some advice on what tools or languages I should use to do this? I know the basics of programming, have used a variety of different languages and I have no problem slogging through tutorials and such to learn when I have a starting point. Currently I'm using web based email but if it's easier or makes more sense to use an email application to achieve this I'm not against that. Right now I'm not looking to create posts in an automated way but I may end up attempting that at some point later.

Thanks in advance!