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okay, let me first appologize for my "newbness" I have just recently looked into python as a first language, and this project is something that has got my attention so thanx,

I have got the first code to work in all my browsers in xp, this is actually an accomplishment for me so don't laugh :mrgreen:
I would like to get the later "http server" bit to work, but I get this error, after inserting the full path to the files whichare directly on my C: drive

I wish to use these programs maybe to attach in post on our little forum, the thing is I'm not quite clear what would be my best options to "compile" so to speak these apps into something that can be usable by joe public. I've started reading on wxpython but I don't know if this would be the correct way?

any advice is appreciated


Are you telling me that the Firefox browser does not recognize the temporary http server from the last example in the tutorial?

I don't use this browser, so thanks for the info.

I don't quite understand your wxPython question. Please give a few more details.


no I'm not saying that it won't work I just don'thave the talent yet,Istill haven'tgotitto comeup in opera 9 or ie, but I'll keep working on it.

as for wxpython I was just hoping to save my self some reading if this is not the preffered/compatable way to share these types of files thanx for the help.

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