I do not want the full program, as you all know because of the rules. What I do need though is a place to start because I have no idea what I need to do. I'll post the problem.

For the purpose of this program, a widget is a fictitious product to be manufactured. The manufacturer of widgets has found that the cost of making widgets is based upon the number of widgets made. The cost of manufacturing one widgets is given by one of the two forumlas:
cost=60.00-0.01 * N for N<3000 widgets
cost=30.00-0.025 ((N-3000)/100)squared for N>=3000 widgets

The per widget price that the manufacturer can sell the widgets for is also based upon the number of widgets produced and is given by one of the three equations below

price=45.00 + 0.25 ((N-1500)/100)squared for N<2500
price=48.00 + 0.1 ((N-3000)/100)squared for 2500<=N<=4000
price=58.00 - 0.4 ((N-4000)/100)squared for N>4000

In all of the 5 equations, N is the number of widgets made and sold (assume all widgets made are sold). Assuming that qidgets are only made and sold in groups of 50 widgets and assuming that no more than 5000 widgets will be sold write a program that will find and print the following:

Maximum possible per widget profit
Number of widgets at which this maximum occurs
Maximum overall profit
Number of widgets at which maximum overall output occurs

The output is to be only the four values requested. Remeber also that widgets are only made and sold in groups of 50 and no more than 5000 can be made.

We are using Turbo Pascal in my class. What I mostly want is someone to tell me what I should do, like in the form of a pseudocode persay. Or just get me started. Even explaining how I'm suppose to find the information required will be an enormous help. I'm not completely new to Turbo Pascal, I just really need some help getting started.

Read the number of widgets and do some if, then calculations based on how many widgets. Then based on those calculations, find n if price=highest possible.

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