Hello dear! I am going to develope a program that have an ability to make a plan for month of the medical information officers. I've tried it using c, c++ but i can't. Then i tried it using php and database as i have 190 doctors whom an MIO have to visit in a month but still i've faced many problems. Now i am trouble and can not decide that what language should i prefer please suggest me.

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First of all language is not the reason why you are failing because a well planned and designed project can be completed in any of the modern programming languages such as C#, JAVA, python etc. You are failing to do this may be because you don't have a proper plan and design.

But if the question is "How can I complete the project in a fast pace ? " then I would recommend C# obviously. Even if you are new to C# it won't take a lot time to learn it (considering you are doing a home project not a commercial one).

Completing a large project in C++ is really time consuming. I guess you are not in this project because you want to learn C++ or C. If that's the case then you can chose any of C# or JAVA as your language.

As sheikh.islampollob said, the language that you use to implement the project is less relevant to the solution than the design of the program is. One thing I will tell you right now is that the project as described will take more than a month to finish correctly; indeed, if it is mission-critical as it sounds, I would allocate a month or more simply to the planning stages, even if I were applying Agile principles to the project.

If I had to make a suggestion regarding the language, I would start by asking what language(s) you are most familiar with; if you aren't fluent in any language, then tha is a showstopper, as a solid grasp of the language you are working in is necessary for any programming work of any sort.

Since it sounds like you are not a professional programmer yourself, and this is a significant professional project, I would delegate the work of programming it to a dedicated software contractor. For a medical application, simply trying to cowboy your way through the project when you aren't an experienced developer yourself is a recipe for disaster.

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