Can anyone help me, how to make a sectioning syntax in my enrollment system.
I can't think of a way on how to do it.

This is my current logic.

The student will input his/her General Average if it is >= 98 Then he/she is section 1.

But if section 1 is already 60 records in total.

That means the next student that will enroll will be automatically section 2. even if his/her grade


And so on. Thats the same. Until we came to General Average = 75 is Section 16.

The capacity of each section must be 60.

Everyone, can you help me?

I am quite in a rush.. I appreciate your help. Thank You very much!

what is the priority for??
precedence or General average
i mean ,,,
if the sections one and two are full
and student >= 98 comes
will he/she take the priority to take Place in section2 and another person of the grade two leave to section3???