I'm totall beginner, trying to learn python programming codes. So far, got series of python programming problems to solve. Here is one of them.; please I need help on how to write the program.

"Write a program that displays a table of the Celsius temperatures 0 through 20 and their Fahrenheit equivalents. The formula for converting a temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit is F=9/5*c+32 where F is the Fahrenheit temperature and C is the Celsius temperature. Your program must use a loop to display the table."

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What, if anything, do you have already?

I would recommend starting with a simple function that takes a Celsius value and returns the Fahrenheit equivalent. If you don't know how to write a function, let us know and we'll explain it for you.

I do not know how to write the simple function., please explain me the detail code

I thought I could get the steps through guide that solves this problem. As a beginner, its really hard for me to solve this problem with the page you suggested.

You can start by writing pseudo-code to describe the different things that your program must do

# print a message saying that the following table
# displays temperatures in celsius and their
# conversion to farenheit.


# set the celsius temperature C to zero


# while the celsius temperature C is <= 20 degrees


    # compute the farenheit temperature F


    # print the 2 temperatures C and F


    # increase the temperature C by one degree


thanks so much. I'm going to look at this, hope it works. The python 3.3 I'm learning most times require int or float inputs.

Solution not helpful

How so? Saying it isn't helpful doesn't tell us what would be helpful. Please give us more to go on, if we are to help you.

As I said, the first step here would be to write a function that returns accpets the Celsius value and returns the Fahrenheit value. Before we can do that, though, we need to work out just how to convert a Celsius value to Fahrenheit. As it happens, this part was already given to you:

f = 9 / 5 * c + 32

So, taking this one step at a time, let's see how this works. If you open up the Python interpreter, and enter

c = 0

then enter the formula above, followed by


you should get back the value 32.0. OK, then! Now what you need to do is make the function, which would simply be

def celsius2fahr(c):
    return 9 / 5 * c + 32

basically, all we've done is give the formula above a name, celsius2fahr(). To test it, try entering


this should give you 212.0 as the result. you now have a way of repeatedly getting a Fahrenheit value from a Celsius value.

I've got to go now, but this should at least move you in the right direction.

Mildly helpful hint for the loop ...

for c in range(0, 21):
    print("Celsius = {}".format(c))

''' result ...
Celsius = 0
Celsius = 1
Celsius = 2
Celsius = 3
Celsius = 4
Celsius = 5
Celsius = 6
Celsius = 7
Celsius = 8
Celsius = 9
Celsius = 10
Celsius = 11
Celsius = 12
Celsius = 13
Celsius = 14
Celsius = 15
Celsius = 16
Celsius = 17
Celsius = 18
Celsius = 19
Celsius = 20

try this and let me know if it works for you.

start = 0
end = 21
increment = 1

def main():   
    #create table headers
    print('The following table shows conversion of Celsius to Farenheit')
    print( 'between 0 and 20 degrees Celsius.')
    print('Celsius\t   Farenheit')

    #convert celsius input to farenheit using loop
    for Celsius in range (start, end, increment):
        Farenheit = (9 / 5) * Celsius + 32
        print(Celsius, '\t', format(Farenheit, '.1f'))

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