I have to compare 2 vaues in a procedure.

One is the current change done by the user and one from the database.

Here is what I have a logic understanding problem.

Business Logic:
A form let's say form1 opens with textboxes. There is a field Vapor % which can be either 0, between 0 and 100 or 100. There is already code to further decide on the value of Vapor % which form let's say form2 to open with option button to select to go to another form, let's say form3.

Now, when form3 opens for the first time it opens with the logic of Vapor % value...as explained above. The Vapor % is actually set in the database and the type of form to open the next time is also set in the database. So when I open the form after saving a value for Vapor % it will take me to the right calculation form that's form3 as I described. Now. I wanna change the value of Vapor % today I can do that in form1, no problems, but now I should get a choice to go to form2 with the new vlaue to further go to form3 but instead I go to the form which was valid for calculation when Vapor % value was not changed.

My problem is. How do I compare a value from the database to the current changed Vapor % value to open the selection to calculate form. Please advise for logic.

You'll have to post your code, or attach your project.... if I understand you correctly, I don't understand why, when they change the value of the variable, you can't write the new value to the database at the same record location..... then there is no comparison needed, the database has the new value.... are you using Access or SQL? Is this a flatfile database?

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