Hi,I'm trying to find a C++ lib which permit an implementation of the standard RBAC in my application.
Any help.

AFAIK there is no such library. I worked on a project which included RBAC and all we did was (1) define what class of users have access to what program features. (2) When a user logged into the program (needed user name and password) the program looked up the roles database and disabled all program features which the user did not have permisions. Program menus may change at runtime to accommodate the roles.

This is highly application dependent, so I don't know how a general RBAC library could exist.

Thanks for your help, I have switched to AspectC++.
I hope it will be easy to integrate RBAC through AspectC++.
Any other ideas ?

I briefly scanned the language overview here and I don't see how it will help solve your question. That doesn't mean it won't -- just that how is unclear from what I read.