I'm working on a project on my own and wanted to create an JComponent or JFrame that looks like the following screenshot.
Here is its layout.

I would appreciate it if you showed me by an example, Thanks.

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And what's the problem, you have the GUI Building tools in Eclipse and NetBeans, a few mouse click and you'll have it done.

everything depends of if, which one and how will be resizable

@Tarek2 does NetBeans GUI Builder has one for images?. I didn't know that,if does, give links that explain how to do it.Thx

You can use eclipse for it has a broader approach rather than netbeans

For simple images in Swing just read them into an ImageIcon and pass that to a JLabel. You now have a JLabel that's the same size as the image, containg the image, and you can position it using LayoutManager of your choice. The GUI builders in the big IDEs are more likely to confuse than help for such a simple task, especually if you don't have much Swing experience.

and especially if it's the one implemented in NetBeans.

the code is hard to read, and, unfortunately, very irritating to maintain/update without introducing regression bugs.
This makes NetBeans Swing code a bad idea when you're talking about
a: a professional project
b: a UI that might ever need to be changed/updated

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