Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a way to include other python programs in your python program. Sorry if there is another thread about this I looked and was unable to find one.

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hmm, what do you mean by include? you can import into your programs using:

import 'module name'

Here is an example ...

# save this code as dec2bin.py so you can access the function decimal2binary()
# in other Python programs

def decimal2binary(n):
    '''convert decimal (base 10) integer n to binary (base 2) string bStr'''
    bStr = ''
    if n < 0:  raise ValueError, "must be a positive"
    if n == 0: return '0'
    while n > 0:
        bStr = str(n % 2) + bStr
        n = n >> 1
    return bStr

# This test runs when used as a standalone program, but not as an imported module.
# Let's say you save this module as dec2bin.py and use it in another program
# when you import dec2bin the __name__ namespace would now be dec2bin and the
# test would be ignored
if __name__ == '__main__':
    print decimal2binary(255)  # test result = 11111111

... and here is how you would use it ...

# using your custom made module dec2bin.py
# put it the same folder so Python can find it

import dec2bin

print dec2bin.decimal2binary(128)  # 10000000

What I want to do is make a program that shows a list, like say:
[1] --- Guess Number Game
[2] --- Calendar

And I code the guess number game and calendar as seperate .py programs. I would like to make a program that shows that list and when the user picks one, the program will start to run that program.

I would just make the code be all together in one big program. But I am just learning to program in python and I personally find it more organised to call txt files instead of having huge paragraphs in the code, and would also like to make seperate programs that can be called on. I find it easier to keeop track of everything.


Another thing I need help with, is how do i get the program to loop back the begining at the end


Another thing I need help with, is how do i get the program to loop back the begining at the end

Here is a way suggested in a different thread.

You put program code in a loop and designate one key to break out of loop:

while True:
    # this is an example of your program:
    print "My program!  Really!"
    choice = raw_input("Enter r (repeat) or q (quit): ")
    if 'q' in choice:
        break  # exits the while loop, any other key repeats loop

Thanks alot guys. These things may have seemed very simple to you. But for the life of me I couldnt find them anywhere, and it helped me ALOT.

Thanks Again guys :D


when i was first playing about with python (wait... i still am) anyway, a good website is: http://www.bembry.org/
just click on the python section, it has a great simple pdf tut and some quick notes aswell

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