I have spent 3 days trying to get two new functions - GetText() and PutText() to function correctly with no success. Would someone be kind enough to look over my code and see why they do not work. I must have missed something?

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Yes, but you will have to post it because my eyes are not good enough to see your monitor from where I am sitting.

AFAIK there are no win32 api functions named PutText() and GetText().

In C++ ...

we commonly use 'cin' and 'getline' to get text ...

and we commonly use 'cout' to print text to the console.

These (iostreams) can be used in a user-defined function ... and often are ... in user defined functions with prototypes like:

bool loadFromFile ( const string& fileName, vector< string >& myStrings );

bool printToFile( const vector< string >& myStrings );
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