Hi. I try to change the text color of console in C++. I know some commands like .

system("color fg");

But I want to change the color of only one line of console. Is this possible? Would someone help me, please?

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on Windows OS.

Thanks, nullptr!

A Windows console color table looks like this:

   Color             Background Foreground
    Black            0           0
    Blue             1           1
    Green            2           2
    Cyan             3           3
    Red                  4           4
    Magenta          5           5
    Brown            6           6
    White            7           7
    Gray             -           8
    Intense Blue     -           9
    Intense Green    -           10
    Intense Cyan     -           11
    Intense Red          -           12
    Intense Magenta  -           13
    Yellow           -           14
    Intense White    -               15

To set background colors you have to combine the foreground color code with
the background color code using this equation:

finalcolor = (16*backgroundcolor) + foregroundcolor

if you want to set a text color that has a blue background and white text
you simply look up the color code in the table. Blue is 1 and white is 15;

Hence int backgroundcolor=1; and int foregroundcolor=15;

    #include <windows.h>
    #include <iostream> 
    using namespace std;

    void setcolor(int color)

    int main()

        int foregroundcolor=15;
        int backgroundcolor=1;
        int finalcolor;



        return 0;
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