I have problem going through database (im using microsoft access) tables with BindingNavigator. Basicly I want to have BindingNavigator which goues through database tables (not the table rows) in DataGridView. For example if i press next button on BindingNavigator, I want to see next table in the database. I have database with four tables and i want to use BindingNavigator to show tables in one DataGridView. My program is about showing weekly(4 tables = 4 weeks) weather information.
Is this possible? I've searched many websites but couldnt find any usefull information. All i could find is how to bind BindingNavigator to one table and go through table rows.
I have no code done so far :(

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Why are you wanting to create a separate table for each week? I recommend that you create one table named "Weather" (it will be the same as one of the tables that you currently have, except add the following columns: "WeekNumber" (Number), "MonthNumber" (Number), "YearNumber" (Number) to the columns you already have.

Set the "Required" property for: YearNumber, MonthNumber, WeekNumber, DayNumber

Open the table in "Design View".

The following columns will form the primary key:
YearNumber, MonthNumber, WeekNumber, DayNumber

Use the "Ctrl" key along with your left-mouse button to select multiple columns. While continuing to hold the "Ctrl" key, right-click the mouse, and select "Primary Key".



If you change your database as in my previous post, all of the data from all the tables you currently have will be in one table (Weather). You could even add a column named "Hour" and make it part of the primary key if you want to maintain hourly data.

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