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I need to turn ON and OFF the built in camera LED FLASHER on a Windows 8 tablet.
This is bascially the same as a common FLASHLIGHT APP on a cell phone.

I need to make this work within a Delphi 2010 VCL application and all I can
find is code written in C++. I do not know how to implement the Windows system
function calls for the "AudioVideoCaptureDevice" method.

The code snippet below is from a fully functional FLASHLIGHT APP for Windows 8 devices.

HELP !!!! PLEASE !!!

var sensorLocation = CameraSensorLocation.Back;

    // get the AudioViceoCaptureDevice
    var avDevice = await AudioVideoCaptureDevice.OpenAsync(sensorLocation,

    // turn flashlight on
    var supportedCameraModes = AudioVideoCaptureDevice
        .GetSupportedPropertyValues(sensorLocation, KnownCameraAudioVideoProperties.VideoTorchMode);
    if (supportedCameraModes.ToList().Contains((UInt32)VideoTorchMode.On))
        avDevice.SetProperty(KnownCameraAudioVideoProperties.VideoTorchMode, VideoTorchMode.On);

        // set flash power to maxinum
            AudioVideoCaptureDevice.GetSupportedPropertyRange(sensorLocation, KnownCameraAudioVideoProperties.VideoTorchPower).Max);

catch(Exception ex)
    // Flashlight isn't supported on this device, instead show a White Screen as the flash light
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