Hi all,
i'm developing a web-base system.user enter the data in mysql.my main system retrieve the data using jdbc.my problem is, i dont know how to make the system keep on checking the new data in database.i want it always check the mysql for any new data.

i need your help.i have no idea at all.is it possible?

thanks in advance!!!


1/ build Timer and on periodical bases check DbTable(s)

2/ there are exist one or two API's for MySql, which will notify Java program about MySql Table Events = INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE, sorry I forgot its name(s) you have to search for that

your DBAs will just love you if you keep firing off queries just to check for new data constantly... NOT!

Far better to only check when you need to generate a new screen of data for display purposes or need data for a batch job.

:-) hmmm, ensure me, that you didn't talking about homeDbEngineHiddenBehindFridge or most expensive mainframe :-)

<fw> between these two categories doesn't matter if you did or didn't,


but only if you updated only changed Objects, stupid example not whole JTable just rows, muchh better only cells in visible ViewPort, otherwise ... agreed but you right if you meant/touch (little bit crypted) limits for (intra/net) traffic, too </fw>

i got the solution, just use 1 id to keep track.no matter if same user request a few task, keep the id in different like task_id