ok, every time i start a new project in dev-pascal. i edit the resource file to somthing like this:

1 ICON "C:/Dev-Pas/Icons/Edit.ico"

ive tried manualy doing it, and with the build in GUI. after i compile the resource file itself it works just fine says: "compiled correctly" but when i compile the project (not a new sourcefile or unit) it says this EVERY TIME:

cpp: Too many arguments
C:\Dev-Pas\bin\windres: C:\pascal project space\advanced calc\rsrc.rc:1: parse error

and i cant figure out what is wrong

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The windres program doesn't like pathnames with spaces in them.

It is also possible that the Dev IDE is not properly quoting pathnames with spaces in them... but even if it does the windres program is surprisingly broken on this point.


the way to solve this problem is by saving the project file into another place. i.g. my documents . close the previous project . and run the project that you have saved in my documents . hope this helps . sorry for the english .

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