Hello all!! I am trying to create a Windows Form Application that allows a user to answer 10 questions. The program contains a 'next button so that when the user clicks it, the next question appears. My problem is trying to figure out how to code for the next button. There is also a 'previous' button and I am not sure how to code the program so that the user can cycle through the questions. I have a label for the questions to appear in and want the next question to appear in the same label when the next button is clicked. Any ideas? Thanks!!

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Are the questions all in an array? If they are, just have a counter that points to the current question. Initialize it to 0 to indicate the first question. When the Next button is pressed, increment the counter, if it exceeds the number of questions then reset it to 0 so that it starts all over again. Same with Presious button but decrement the counter. It's a pretty simple solution to implement.


do you need in c#.net (windows application) or asp.net & c#.net (web application)

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you can use a dictionary to make it more adaptive for future changes, meanwhile solve your current problem, the same way Ancient Dragon's approach.

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