I'm a student who is interested in coding his own Minecraft mods and there by hoping to learn Java Code. I have already taken many courses on line (Youtube) but those courses only take you so far and they DO NOT help you out if, by some chance an error occurs. Please forgive my ignorance, but what I am hoping to find is the ability for me to be able to contact a teacher/someone/anyone!!... when an error occurs. Someone that I would be able to send my code to and together possibly resolve the errors. I understand that it may take some time to resolve an error, but it's better than a dead end with no solution what so ever. I have already done things like Swords, Items, Blocks, Food, Armor, Biomes, Mobs, Etc, by using Eclipes. I feel I've come so far, though for many of you these steps may seem relitively insignifagant (baby steps). I'm hoping to move on to bigger and better things like using mcedit to create a Schematic for a structure and then convert it to java code (.Schematic to Java converter) then place the code into minecraft in a mod so that it will randomly generate the structure! If anyone out there can or will help me PLEASE DO!! or redirect me to someone who can help.
Sincerely, Wasme1

We are just volunteers here, so nobody will be in a position to give you extended one-on-one training. But if you have specific questions or errors we will be happy to help through these public forums, where everyone can contribute to the solution.

and oh, youtube videos are notoriously bad as a teaching tool.
While they can help, in combination with written material, to make concepts clearer, they're not to be used as your sole source of information, especially (because the average quality is very poor) if you don't have prior knowledge and can judge whether what you're seeing appears to be valid or not.

I have completed courses at youth digital. I was merely atempting to expand my knowledge through the use of youtube. My hope was to find someone that enjoys minecraft and codeing as much as I have and that he may have found a solution for this, and that he may have the time and paitents to help. If There is anyone that would be willing I would be thankfull.