program that implements an event-driven simulation of a line of customers at a bank.Each customer enters a queue, waits until reaching the front of the queue, performs a transaction with a teller (bank employee), and then leaves the bank. You may assume that the bank has only one queue and one teller.
A list of arrival events will be provided to your program from a text file.
The main goal of the program is to determine when departure events occur (i.e., when customers leave the bank), and compute statistics based on the length of time that customers spend in the bank. program needs to maintain a queue of customers, and an event list.The event list is an ADT that 1) keeps track of arrival and departure events that will occur but have not yet occurred, and 2) contains at most one arrival event and one departure event

Could you please implement the event-driven simulation for us too.

Please provide snippets of your work or possible questions rather than pasting your assignment.

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