1. This assignment asks to add some code from to a previous assignment I had. I have been confused about this overload operators alot and im confused on how to do it in my code any help with this will be good

A) overload the >> operator to allow for reading a new name and new balance from the keyboard and use the data to update the object's data members

B) Overload the << operator to dsiplay the Name, Balance, and Interest Rate of an object on the screen with proper labels.

C) Overload the += operator to allow an increase to a saver's Balance. (Saver1 += 1000;) use a void member function

D) Overload the -= operator to allow a decrease to a saver's Balance. (Saver1 -= 1000;) Use a void member function.

E) create a 4th object and use it to test all the member functions and overloaded operator functions.

here are the links to the three files for the pervious project:




here is the assignment as well from the pervious probject:


Use a friend method to overload those operators, for example

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
using namespace std;

class SavingsAccount
    friend ofstream& operator<<(ofstream& out, SavingsAccount& obj);
    string firstName;
    string lastName;
    float savingBalance;
    float annualInterestRate;
    int objectnumber;


ofstream& operator<<(ofstream& out, SavingsAccount& obj)
    out << obj.firstName << " " << obj.lastName
        << " " << obj.savingBalance << " " << obj.annualInterestRate << '\n';
    return out;


The other operators are similar to the above. For the >> operator use istream instead of ofstream and call it with cin

SavingsAccount obj;
cin >> obj;

For the << operator which I showed you how to code you just open an output stream.

SavingsAccount obj;
ofstream out("filename.txt");
out << obj;

How do you write the other overloaded operators += and -= using a void member funtion? Also confused on how to write the 4th object on step E

I'm not going to write your whole assignment for you. Doesn't your book cover operator overloading? There are lots of online tutorials, such as this one.

Don't worry about step E until you have the others finished.

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