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ioatream is a library, Standard Input / Output Streams Library. Header that defines the standard input/output stream objects like cerr, clog, cout or cin.


The <iostream> library header is a header that defines several of the standard stream I/O classes and objects, including cin and cout. It is mainly used to include those two objects, and the classes they belond to (istream and ostream, respectively) in a source file.

This post explains in detail the role of header files in general, if you are unfamiliar with them.


input output stream. Concerning the header, iostream is where your cin and cout objects are declared. In general, the iostreams library is C++'s character streaming I/O support mechanism.


As every one said here the iostream stands for the input and output and their flow.For the use of the input and output in a program first we have to use this. #include<iostream> is an header file that is used in c++ in order to include the library files that are used for input and output.without using this header file one cannot deal with inputs and output in a particular program.

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