Hi, i was working on corba project using java, now i want to do it on c++. but i don't know how to compile the idl file in c++. I'm using dev-c++ for c++. So what software should i have do compile the idl file?

I know this tutorial, and I know how to create corba project but my problem is how to compile the idl file. what software should I have to use to compile the idl file. This tutorial use something called Orbacus to compile the idl file. but I don't know how to get this Orbacus thing :p

The first thing i usually do before go to communities is to google it :p , and the link you give is already mentionned in the tutorial you told me about. I visited the link and i didn't find a download link for the compiler.

i tried to compile the idl file in visual studio 2010, but it doesn't create all the stubs that i need

yes I did but it doesn't generate the stubs and the skeleton that should generate

Unfortunately, you do not provide any detailed info about your issue in order for us to zero in on the source of the problem. My guess is that your IDL file is not written correctly. I really don't think it's an IDL compiler issue.

I have a idl file, and i want to compile it. So my problem is that i'm searching for a compiler. (I'm using the Dev-C++ for rogramming).
I searched the internet but i found nothing. i don't need tutorials, all i want is a compiler.

Here is a list of Corba products. ALL corba products MUST have a IDL compiler. Thus, you can try the compiler from each of these products.

The link you provided seems very useful. i will check it and see what compiler is more appropriate. Thank you BobS0327.

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Could you find the tool? I have the same problem. I find omniORB, but to use it with DevC++ I need to re-compile, and to do this I need Visual Studio.

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