Actually i need help in making a project on reservation system(hotel,bus etc) in C++(oop) ..can somebody just guide me in making my project ,,, thanks in advance

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irfan_3 what kind of help do you want??? help in sense of code???

as you are asking for guide, i would suggest to start by writing down how you expect the program to work and then break down the different system, classes and functions to implement

thanks for reply
plz read the attached file,,,,
i just need help in starting the project

Actually i could not able to start my project,, just i need an idea for starting my project ,,,

Hate to burst your bubble but according to your guidelines you are to late to submitt this. What kind of idea do you need to start this? The sheet gave you three references you could use as a basis for your project.

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Fairly entitled to grade 'F', that's 'F' for fail.

i m not late becoz date is extended ,,

can somebody tell me how to make six different classes by using inheritance on bus reservation system ?

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A good place to start would be reading your notes from the classes you have attended and diligently taken notes from.

However, I have a feeling you're going to say you don't have any.

i think that you don't know anything ,,,so plz no need to comment. @iamthwee

I can vouch that iamthewee knows what he is doing with c++. Think about your system. You normally have different types of transportation in any fleet do you need a base bus class and then you can derive from there the different kinds of buses that you have. You need a passanger class for the passengers of the bus. you normally have different types of passengers like first class, business class, and coach so passenger could be a base and you can derive from there for each type of passenger. The passenger base / children work well for polymorphism since your bus classes would hold a pointer to the base class and you can use virtual functions to handle the dynamic dispatching. This is all just off the top of my head so there is probably more you can do.

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You have no intention of even attempting this... It's clear so, nobody is going to help you or throw you a curve ball by handing you a ready made solution.

Insulting those trying to help is idiotic too. I'm no psychic but 'F' for fail is on the cards. It's not too late to change, your academic life might be short lived but there's plenty of time to readjust your priorities and attitude.

thanks so Much @nathanoliver..its really helpfull..but can you plz tell me one thing more..what is the difference between the different type of passenger(e.g local and bussiness class)..i mean to say that how to make different data members for inherited class (e.g class bussiness:public passenger) ,,any idea about that ... thanks alot.

@iamthwee i think you have nothing to do except commenting here..

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