I need to know if AV software would interfere with my programming hobby. I'm asking this not because I'm writing some kind of malicious code but because I've noticed strange errors when doing things with my programming. For example I'm interested in modding a game with Lua, but after downloading the installer package for Lua I get an error in the wizard saying access to my C:/Program Files(x86)/lua folder is restricted. Another error occurs too. This is making it impossible to do anything!

Is my AV software or something else possibly getting in my way? I've had problems when compiling C++ code that had no possible explanation other than AV software interfering. I've disabled it for a few minutes and that seemed to help. I've even uninstalled some AV installations completely from time to time and discovered that my problems disappeared.

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Oops. I just found out why this happened. I wasn't running the installer as an administrator. How embarrassing! xD

NP. Thanks for the update. In my opinion, if the installer needs to be run by an adminstrator account, then it should have detected that you were not doing so in the first place! :-) Anyway, good luck, and have fun!

Exactly what I was thinking! :D

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