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And...? We don't do your homework for you. Make an effort to solve the problem and post the code here, then we may decide to help/criticize/debug.


I doubt anyone here is laughing but you. What Rubberman said was serious - deadly serious. No one here is going to do your homework for you, and asking for someone to do so in the way you have is very likely to come to your professor's attention. We have no problem answering a direct question, or helping you to fix a bug, but we won't help you cheat on homework.

This isn't just a matter of scrupulous honesty. If too many people make this site a place where cheaters can come get answers for free, DaniWeb is likely to get shut down. Even if that never happens, we have to face the reality that there are too many fakes, flakes and bottom-feeders in this industry already, and that helping another one get a passing grade is all too likely to end up coming back on us when they end up as our co-workers. We owe it to our own future sanity not to help cheaters get a passing grade.

Now then: do you have an actual question, or should the mods mark this thread as closed?

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not to mention that "I have a reward-may be ;)" sounds very .... well, let's face it. naughty.

if you're planning to go through school that way, .... well, wait do you think would happen if you actually found a job programming?

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