I want perl scripts of matching the exact word between text file(.txt) and database(oracle/mysql)...

suppose... Data in try.txt file,

and Data in oracle database is,
qid column1 column2
1    xyz      cde
2    ifg      mno

Here matching word is "xyz".
If matching found, it will automatically delete the row from database.....

Plz Help......

You want the script or a concept? If you want a whole script then ... no. But how to do it, OK.

Do you know how to read in File? If not, then you may look at this example. Then you take the "data" you got and call from Oracle DBI which is a CPAN module. You can look at this example for DBI & Oracle. If the database returns a data, use the ID from the result to remove the data row(s) from the database.