Hi guys,
I just faced a silly but annoying problem.I was building a database application with vb.net and access.
Things were going great but at the last moment,it started to not work properly.I didn't touch the db path as far as i know
but i changed the system date as i'm working on a payroll system.I don't know that's have got to do with my code but it was the only thing i did.
I tried to see the db path in the app.config file but it's ok.And also i tried to give a misspelled dbname and also a table name but it's still working with the previous 'memory' let me say,i mean it was supposed to give me error right?I'm confused about it.Any thoughts?

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It's difficult to know what your code is doing unless you post your code.

I found the problem,previously I put the db in a folder and also i had the app.config file.I removed those two and tested it and it worked fine.

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