I am considering learning some server side stuff with java, however I am getting mixed views and opinions when searching. I read a benchmark that claims java has superior performance than most alternatives, and I was considering taking a look at grizzly or spring, but I really don't know too much about these frameworks.. Can someone please shed some light, and provide some advice for a novice?

p.s can you provide some information about documentation/tutorial quality and ease of use.

Much appreciated!

I guess I would have to answer your question because it seems that no one is interested in doing so.

First, your question is to vauge. There is no specific server side technology that use Java language. There are so many different one to choos from including framework. The simpliest and easiest to set up (in my opinion) is Java Servlet. If you have ever gone to a college and take a web development course, you may deal with this topic. You may use Apache as your server and program Java using Servlet class.

Another frame work using Java is Strut. It is Apache web application framework using Java. It is not too difficult to learn it yourself, but it may not be much useful if you do not have a real application to train with.

There are many other frameworks and Java based applications that have been around for quite some times - JBoss, Hibernate, Spring, etc.

Therefore, what are you really looking for? Each framework has its own advantages and purposes. If you want a web base application using Java, then I would like to know how much your Java knowledge is. If you are proficient enough in Java, you may be able to get on the web part; however, keep in mind that the concept of web application is quite different from dealing with a stand alone program/software. Also, you should at least know how to write HTML mark up and possibly JavaScript and CSS. You need to understand the concept of MVC (Model, View, Control). And you may need to understand a bit of network (which would help you in many ways later on).

Overall, your question has no specific answer. DIY is good, but do not expect an employer to hire you unless you have your own project to show (such as your own website)...

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