Hello,I wanna decrese the size of my windows application projesct.Actually i'm using many animated pictures in my projects so that might be the reason for larger size. Is there any other way to reduce the exe file..will it get reduced if load the pictures dynamically from outside folder??if it is how to do that?? can you tell me what are all the ways are there to solve out this??

Have you used Google? Have a look at this too. You might be able to compress the image. I've never used them myself though so it's just a suggestion.

There is a Visual Studios plug in called ReSharper. The full version costs but I think there is a trial version. It helps you minimise you're code and make it as efficient as possible by using LINQ where possible, removing white spaces and removing redundant code among other things.

It might not dramatically reduce your project size if your code is already super efficient but it could be worth a try.

NOTE: It will overwrite Visual Studios shortcut keys if you don't tick the right box on installation.

Thanks :)let me try...

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