Hi techies,

I am new to webservices. The issue is regarding a SOAP request. The request contains a comment which has the charechter as "&"

example., the comment is: You & me

& is getting converted to "&" in the receiver side. We tried getting the SOAP request (from our side) replaced the "&" to & in the comment and sent the request to other side But still we get the "&" in the other side. Is there any way to solve the same.

Will be happy if I can get some good solution.


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The ampersand is a special character and is encoded to & to avoid problems. The only way is to correctly decode the request.

Thanks for your reply.
Actually from our side (SOAP request object) we have tried in both ways comment with & and
comment with &

in both case it is reaching / converted in other side as & only.

My question is, is there any possiblity & getting converted to & during serialization of the soap object from our side to the other side. ?

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