i am new to the web service technology. how do i deploy a web service in AWS in a micro account.
i need to deploy a application to access a book store online.
appreciate if someone could point me to some tutorials.
Appreciate a reply.

What kind of web service, which language are you using?

I am trying to create a web application for a online book store and deploy it. I am using java language. Will you be able top point me to some tutorials tips on doing this.

Appreicate a lot

hi can some one point me to some resourses, that I can create a web service and deploy in a remote pC and access it from another PC application cleint , I am using java lanaguage

appreciate a lot

Restlet, Jersey and Resteasy are all good REST frameworks (useful for creating RESTful web services). Read the example code/docs on their website and pick up one which works out for you.

Hi s.o.s

thanks for the links
will you be able to provide a simple client server application runnign the web service in java SOAP. I am new to learning web service

appreciate it thanks

thanks radhakrishna.p

hai anisha.silva,

please mark this thread as solved if you get your answer

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