Hello guys. I developed a simple game in C# on Windows (WFA). Now I want to crate a database with accounts and all stuff. I know to crate this with a SQL Local Database, but I think there should be a host where to put that DB to be accessed on-line. I found some free hosting sites (I want free because this is a small game) but they are very ambiguous and I can't understand what to do. Could someone help me with this? Maybe explain to me how to do and send me some tutorials or sites.
I would be grateful.

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What you need is going to vary a lot depending on the host and how they implement their control panel. They may not even have a control panel and everything could be done via SSH or similar.
The best place to start would the free host itself. Do they have docs, examples, help support that can assist you?


If the host doesn't have any documentation, find another host. If you pay for a simple development website that uses ASP.NET, they often come with database hosting. i realise you're looking for free but they can have some rather aggressive limitations.

Connecting to a SQL instance is done via ConnectionStrings. This site is good for figuring out connection strings. Typically you need the server address and the Instance name. You then treat it exactly as you would the local one, although expect latency.


As an additional note, you also have to find a host that will expose SQL to the outside world. Many of these providers include SQL in their package (free and paid) but they dont necessarily expose/provide access outside of the hosting environment.

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