T_THERA - is a transaction table
    Columns: ID - STRING
             MR - STRING
             ITEMCODE - STRING
             QTY - INT
             SIGNA - TEXT
M_ITEMS - Masterfile of items
    Columns: ITEMCODE - STRING
M_SIGNA - Masterfile of Signa
    Columns: SIGNACODE - String
             DESCRIPTION - String

I have a DGV1 with retrieved data...

sql of DGV1 is something like "SELECT T.ID, M.DESCRPTION, T.QTY, T.SIGNA
                               FROM T_THERA T, M_ITEM M WHERE T.ITEMCODE = M.ITEMCODE AND 
                               T.MR = '"& AS_MR &"'"

I need to change the SIGNA column to a combobox. BUT the data in the combobox is a masterfile from another table (M_SIGNA).  The DGV1 is populated from another window with a selection of items (M_ITEMS).  If new items are inserted, the SIGNA (now a combobox) on T_THERA should be null and user can select the correct value from the populated combobox (M_SIGNA).

The user then should be able to save the transactions.

I have been looking for a better solution but to no avail.  I'm just losing hope on this!  Please share your ideas on how to go about my problem.


What is it that makes you think your approach can be improved?

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