My code is to open a window.(SDK)(dev c++, orwell)
Instead of five seconds it takes a few milliseconds. Please help solve the problem. Just few day ago it worked but now ti does'nt.

#include "SDL.h"    //cool graphics API. Only works with 32 bit for me.
#include <stdio.h>

typedef struct      // what is typedef?
  int x, y;
  short life;
  char *name;
} Man;

int main(int a, char *b[])
  SDL_Window *window;                    // Declare a window      //these are structs
  SDL_Renderer *renderer;                // Declare a renderer

  SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO);              // Initialize SDL2       //this is obviously a funtion

  //Create an application window with the following settings:
  window = SDL_CreateWindow("Ash First Window",                     // window title
                            SDL_WINDOWPOS_UNDEFINED,           // initial x position
                            SDL_WINDOWPOS_UNDEFINED,           // initial y position
                            640,                               // width, in pixels
                            480,                               // height, in pixels
                            0                                  // flags

renderer = SDL_CreateRenderer(window, -1, SDL_RENDERER_ACCELERATED);

//set the drawing color to blue
  SDL_SetRenderDrawColor(renderer, 0, 0, 255, 255);

  //Clear the screen (to blue)

  //set the drawing color to white
  SDL_SetRenderDrawColor(renderer, 255, 255, 255, 255);

  SDL_Rect rect = { 220, 140, 200, 200 };
  SDL_RenderFillRect(renderer, &rect);

  //We are done drawing, "present" or show to the screen what we've drawn


  // Close and destroy the window

  // Clean up
  return 0;

the problem was that i was running the file on my gpu instead of my cpu. SDl_delay, probally does not work with the gpu.