Hey guys,

I'm going to be starting a research project pertaining to JAUS. Basically, this is a standardized protocol to be used in autonomous robotics... someone will essentially connect to a robots IP and be able to transmit various commands over 802.11.

I not exactly sure where to start, so I'll just list the questions I have right now, and maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

- How can you communicate with a network card using c++?
- How can you interpret IP packets using c++?
- Are there SDK packages that might help me to do this?

Thanks for you help!

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This is tcp/ip socket programming

Depends what platform you're doing it? Windows look at the <winsock.h>

Beej's guide to network programming is a good resource.


Look at the FAQ where it has the word sockets.

Lastly, the dotnet interface and those alike greatly simplifies socket communication...it might be an option...


I suggest SDL_Net.... I have had very good results with it, even though it does have a quirk or two. If you build a class (or a couple of them if you plan to thread) to encapsulate the networking code, you can make this part a breeze for sure. Be advised though, that you are talking about IP packets... which fall into a different layer of the OSI (which I assume is not what you really want, but TCP/UDP packets). SDL_Net will make it easy for you to send and receive data over a network.


Awesome, thanks guys. This will definitely get me on my way! :)

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