I've generated an application that uses images, the wheel of the mouse, a txt to obtain info and other things. On my computer and on others it runs flawlessly, but on other computers it runs different, the mouse doesn't work, it throws runtime errors, doesn't load any information from the txt, etc. the weird thing is that they all have the same hardware configuration, so i think hardware is out of the list

Someone told the it was the .net, so i reinstalled it on those computers giving problems and still the same, i reinstalled visual studio and all, but still giving me problem on those pcs.

If you have any clue of why that could be happening, i'd thank you a lot.

Are there any hard coded paths? You need to list what the runtime errors are.

Out of curiosity, have you had any luck with this? I'd be interested to know what affected the mouse on another computer when you ran your program.

As Ketsuekiame asked, what runtime errors are you getting?

Hey, sorry for the long time, but i was on a long trip, so i came back.

It was something very stupid, it happened that our machines some were in spanish and some in english, so, the ones behaving oddly were in spanish, and i just changed the regional configuration and everything worked as a charm.