I've found that there are times when I need to pull down a repository, but when working with other people, there's always that certain file that holds particular user-specific customizations. We need to pull it down the first time, but every time afterward, I'd prefer it not get updated - pushed or pulled.
Is there a way to do this?
EDIT: Maybe I should use a hook script to download the file once? Forgive my GIT noobishness.

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This has less to do with git, and more to do with the portablility of a project. AFAIK, there is no way to not update one file (well, there might be, but it is a bit of an unusual operation).

There are a few options though:
1. Use a configure script to deal with platform/user options. This is probably the most standard way in the open source community.
2. Make it so the program first looks for customised options before using the default options file. Then nobody pushes their own customised options.
3. Keep a copy of your preferences somewhere safe. Before pushing, reset the file. After pulling, copy your version over.

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