Hi everyone,

I'm a computer science student and I want to make a hexagonal grid or map for use as a sort of board for making basic games and so forth.
I have found some similar projects in C# and am trying to figure out how to create a 'board' of hexagons.

I think the solution is to do something like create a window and then display an array of hexagons, which would be an array of points creating the hexagon.

The board then needs to act like a sort of first layer for;

a background colour for the hexagons - suggesting dirt, concrete, etc
placeables, which are top down 2d images i.e. buildings, cars.
an upper layer for the player and icons to wiggle around, sort of Pokemon like.

I've found tutorials for similar ideas on Youtube but not for hexagonal grids. The rest I can probably figure out.

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Google can be quite helpful.

It hasn't been, which Is why I've posted to DaniWeb. I'm aware of Google. Cheers.

Please be much more specific about your question. We don't know whether you are struggling with how to start a Java program or struggling with some obscure side-effect of using JLayeredPanes in a multi-threaded environment, or any point inbetween.
Are you looking at Swing or JavaFX? How much do you know already about Java graphics? What kind of info are you seeking?

Google works, any failure of it to provide you with information can be traced back to user error.

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