I need an advanced resourse about C++ GUI.

C++ itself does not have support for GUI programming. You'll need to choose some library. Also, I don't think you'll want to start off with an 'advanced resource', but hey.

A few libraries that I see around (no particular order):
1. Win32 API (native to windows, windows only, C, included)
2. MFC (native to windows, windows only, C++ wrapper, included)
3. GTK ("native" to linux, cross-platform, C, usually included in linux LGPL for other environments)
4. Cocoa (native to Mac, Objective-C, included)
5. Qt (desgined to be cross platform, "native" to linux, C++ (with a few modifications), LGPL or commmercial licence)
6. FLTK (cross-platform, C++, LGPL with exception that allows static linking)
7. WxWidgets (cross-platform, C++, own licence (allows static linking))
8. SDL (cross-platform, C, zlib licence)
9. OpenGL (cross-platform, C, included)
10. Cario (cross-platform, C, LGPL and MPL)

I'll be honest though. I prefer writting the GUI in a higher level language, and then linking back to a C/C++ core.

@Hiroshe: I think you mean Cairo for #10, but otherwise, +1! for a nicely comprehensive list.

Myself, most of my UI work is in GTK with a brief stint in MFC, but I've always wanted to do Qt. Unfortunately, I'm easily distr- ooh! What's that?