I have used Qt to create GUI program in C++, but i have given up in trying to statically compile Qt. i have moved on to microsoft visual studio 2013, the question i wanna ask is does the same problem occur in visual studio ( creating static programs ).

if yes then, how do i start making static GUI C++ programs in microsoft visual studio 2013?

if possible could you give a detailed description or a step by step instruction as to how to do so?

thanx in advance :)

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What do you mean by "statically compile"? I don't understand what you are referring to.

If you are referring to static linking, i.e., not using dynamic libraries (DLL) as run-time dependencies, then I don't think that any GUI library will allow you to do that easily. Qt is probably the one with the most chance of being able to be statically linked to your application. For WinForms (Visual Studio), you can forget it completely.

I looked over the options in Visual Studio 2013 and, as far as I can tell, only MFC programs can be statically linked to the MFC dlls. None of the other program types have that option.

To statically link programs in Qt you have to recompile Qt itself right? that's what I read on the forums and all.

When doing that i get stuck in the part where you have to write "configure static...." in Command prompt.

When searched for this problem, i saw many people with the same shitty problem and i decided to give up on Qt... now you're scaring me from trying microsoft visual studio. :(

Qt provides a very detailed guide on how to compile and use the static version of Qt. They even provide a fully automated PowerShell script to do it all. Is that what you tried? What was the specific problem?

configure static....

That looks more like a Unix-style command... are you sure you didn't follow the wrong instructions?

Maybe you followed this guide which seems more "primitive". That way of doing things is based on Makefiles and MinGW... which may require that you run the commands in MSYS, or, at least, make sure you have the correct PATH setup if using the basic command prompt (cmd.exe).

Hey I found a video on youtube and I finally achieved it!. I am a noob so maybe I did follow the wrong instructions :P .

Thanx a lot for your help.

One more question... I created a lot of line edits and Spin boxes... now I want to use those values that the user enters in the boxes (and save them in text file)

please help me out .... thanx in advance

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